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Our company, BonaVista Systems GmbH is founded and based in Darmstadt, Germany, Europe on August 2007. Our company’s aim is to provide our users with solutions for data visualization that can be integrated into Microsoft technology. It offers charting, dashboards sparklines for Microsoft business intelligence and Excel. Our company distributes MicroCharts which is a tool set for Excel Dashboard, Excel, Microsoft OLAP and Microsoft Office users. With the help of MicroCharts, you can build monochrome in-cell charts and create color palettes. You can find server extension products or bullet graphs or Web delivery of sparklines.  


What is MicoCharts?


MicroCharts offer you an excellent solution if you want to make dashboards and reports in Excel. These dashboards and reports will be more concise and richer with MicroCharts. As MicroCharts uses the latest developments of dashboard reporting with its help, you can create graphs that are as small as the words and tables that are rich in data. This smart, simple and easily understandable presentation assists business experts to zoom quickly on possible trouble, real improvements, and rising trends in their project so as to develop their business and be able to make decisions in easier and better way. This tool offers us six chart types: win/lose bar, columns, lines, bullet and pie graphs as well as word-sized format. Its great advantage that all the charts are font-based so you can change the color and size of them what is more even you can copy-paste them into a Word document as in a case of a standard Word text. Additionally, it can deliver screen images in high quality, PDFs, and printouts; you can convert MicroCharts into images if you want to use it virtually in any other programs later on. If you do not want to waste your time with simple Excel, you can just begin to work with MicroCharts, for you to quickly finish your job. It does not mean any problem if you are an expert in making charts because with the help of MicroCharts you can quickly produce an excellent result that will attract you, partners.  You need to try it only once, and you will agree with us that MicroCharts provide you a clear interface, an easy and fast way to create rich dashboards, word-sized reports in Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services and Microsoft® Excel.


We work enthusiastically to provide you with the best tools for Microsoft technology. Once you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate because our experts and colleagues will help you to search and find you the best solution. We can assist you to get to know our software as well as how to install, how to maintain or if later on you have more questions or need advice we are at your disposal. So what are you waiting for? Send us a message, and we will answer it as soon as possible.


For more information and details, please contact us!