New Trends to Reach More Customers in 2018

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As our business becomes financially successful, we may want to increase our customer base. In other words, expansion. There are different ways of marketing a business and letting a few group of people know that our business exists, and what it seems like. Although starting from a small customer base is somewhat advantageous because we can build a solid, more likely, a loyal relationship with our customers; researching and trying for new, up-to-date trends on how to reach our customers will have a positive and lasting impact on our business.

One of the many ways of reaching our customers is through ‘podcasting’. This technique is so contemporary that many of the people, especially the younger generation are going for it. Podcasting also comes is also one of the techniques recommended by in their article “How to Utilize the Internet Effectively for Your Business.” What exactly is a podcast? I personally like this new trend of getting the attention of our customers. Combining the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting’, a podcast is a sound file in the form of an MP3 and other sound files that a customer can listen to as long they have a sound system in their laptops or computers.

One of the most popular podcasts, Capture the Magic which is a quick growing Disney World podcast that centers on the rumors and news about the Disney World. Giving its listeners a taste of awareness and excitement on the up-to-the-minute news and rumors around the park, discussions about its park rides, food, and overall park experience can also be discussed in its podcasts. Being a successful, fun and informative show; visitors are also encouraged to purchase the backpacks designed for use in Disney World. Fashion-forward and practical, these backpacks are for everyone who is always on the go and loves traveling a lot. The podcast allows them to reach more people and develop trust with their audience as well.

Going back to the new trends of reaching more customers in 2018, data visualization is also important. Data visualization integrated with Microsoft technology is vital to a merchandise since charting and dashboards are just some of the means of monitoring the growth of a business. Availing Microcharts will help you build monochrome in cell-charts and create color palettes. Thus, helping to create dashboards and reports in excel even more efficient and faster.

In acknowledgment of the recent trends in reaching more customers, here are some of the creative new ways of earning the attention of our customers this year of the Dog:

Getting out of our comfort zone – Defy expectations. Focus on building a stable relationship with our customers. It is not always about making the money moves. So they say, ‘once you have earned your customer’s trust, you have earned their ear.’

Dominating our existing network – Our customers are our best weapon, so we should not forget how important they are in the marketing of our business. They will serve as our own ‘human podcasts’ to other potential customers and will spread good words about our products.

Making ourselves be seen in public – Elevate our public prominence by attending events, public gatherings – or even being a host, ourselves, in public event where people would know what our business is, and how we work as a leader in that business.

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